Janette Waweru, Owner of Sky Fusion

Janette Waweru, a self-taught cook and baker, was brought up in a family that loved food and eating out. Right after leaving home, she fell in love with recreating dishes she saw in restaurants and on television. The pleasure that would show on the faces of people who ate her food was enough to prove she had a great talent. This talent led her to start Sky Fusion, an artisanal food company specializing in baked goods and healthy vegetarian food. She delved deeper into how her entrepreneurial journey began. Continue reading




A creative photo of Kenn Mwalabu Paul, Founder of Beatshop Inc.

Have you ever heard of a one stop shop for all things related to music? Beatshop Inc. is the perfect embodiment of this. Founded by Kenn Mwalabu Paul, it provides voice training and casting, dubbing, audio production, sound engineering, song writing and arrangement.  Kenn a.k.a Kenania Mwalabu is also a musician, voice coach, sound engineer and producer. His music influences are Sam fan Thomas, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to name a few. He is well versed with what he does and has voiced on Kenya’s XYZ show advertisements for Ribena, Omo and Co-operative Bank of Kenya. He was also the assistant sound engineer of the entire first season of the animated series Doc McStuffins (Swahili Version)

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Ms. Catherine Mathu (left) with her son Tendai Mathu (right)

Ms. Catherine Mathu’s business lives up to its tagline ‘making the edible incredible’. Her delicious cupcakes and cake pops are bound to leave you craving for more. The self taught baker was inspired to set up her business after realizing the hobby could be an income stream. Her baking prowess soon turned into what today is known as Cupcake Haven. “Cupcake Haven came about after the birth of my son. I had been baking cakes while nursing him at home and I just decided to turn the new acquired skill into a business,” she said. Continue reading



Lydiah Wairimu attending an event, educating people on wellness.

Lilies are one of the most loved kind of flowers because of their extended season of bloom and graceful stature. It is for this reason that Lydiah Wairimu chose this flower to inspire her business’ name. Lydiah Wairimu Maina is a healthy living mentor and a wellness coach at Lylyies Pearl Ventures. Her passion for promoting healthy lifestyles among people started out in her career as a nurse. She realized that there was a knowledge gap among Kenyans when it came to healthcare and decided to act on filling this gap. “I found out people thought hospital medicine and diagnostic tests made them feel better which is not true,” she recalls. What may have been common knowledge to her as a nurse seemed unknown to many.  She felt the need to help inform the public of ways they can improve their health. These were simple lessons like urging people to increase water intake, exercise, eat a balanced diet and the right portions of food laying emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

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Tabitha Mwai, Director – Digital Scroll Media

In this day and age, one cannot ignore the power of social media. Even companies once thought to be traditional in their marketing methods have adopted social media marketing strategies. Tabitha Mwai a director at Digital Scroll Media, earns a living from digital media. She is a writer, blogger, digital media consultant and trainer.

Close to 6 years ago, Tabitha opted to do online freelance work even as she was employed. As practice makes perfect, she sharpened her writing and digital media skills. “I felt that I was able to do more but given that I was employed there is very little I could do,’ she recalls.
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Stephanie Mwaura -Fitness consultant and wellness Instructor at Wellness Solutions

Stephanie Mwaura oozes confidence and zeal as she speaks about the topic closest to her heart, fitness. She is a fitness consultant and wellness instructor at Wellness Solutions. Wellness Solutions’ main focus is posture. They carry out postural assessment and design a program that helps their client rehabilitate their posture to improve his/her daily life. They also carry out team building by combining fitness and play. Besides working at Wellness Solutions, Stephanie also has her own brand called Fitness by Stephanie. She provides consultancy services, fitness inspirational talks, personal training and fitness writing. She has been in fitness professionally for over 7 years but vividly recalls where it all began.
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Daisy Nyaga Njagi – Founder and C.E.O of Elyama Foods Kenya Ltd.

Daisy Njagi’s upbringing exposed her to the numerous benefits of healthy living. While a young girl in Embu County, she witnessed numerous people come to see her mother, a nurse, for medical advice and medication. “My mother stressed increased intake of fruits and vegetables,”she recalls. To Daisy’s surprise, the same guests would return a week later to share the large improvements that they had noticed after changing their diets. It was at that point that Daisy realized diet had a direct impact on people’s health. Years later, Daisy’s firstborn daughter developed childhood asthma because she was unable to exclusively breastfeed for six months. As a flight attendant of a local airline at the time, she had a very busy schedule.
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Daphine Okonji – Founder and Managing Director of Elle Interior Designers

Armed only with interior design knowledge learnt online, Daphine Okonji made the big leap to start her own interior design business. Her passion for making spaces come alive drove her to launch her business, Elle Interior Designers. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Strathmore University and also has a diploma in Human Resource Management. How does somebody move from the world of human resource to interior design you may ask? It is simple. You follow your passion. Daphine had a gateway home that she managed with two other business partners. They furnished this house by themselves. It is at that point that Daphine realized she loved to make spaces brighten up. Her friend saw the good work she had done with furnishing the gateway home and suggested she take up design as a career. “I had a lot of fun seeing spaces transform. After the suggestion, I went and registered the business,” she recalls

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Moses cover photo

Moses Njathi is a dog trainer who runs a business called K9 Training in Kiambu County, Kenya

Moses Njathi grew up around dogs and always had a special place in his heart for them. He would soon start earning a living from man’s best friend, canines. The PassionBiz Academy student always loved dogs but never thought about training them for a living. Growing up in Muongoiya, Kiambu County, the idea to start a dog training business came to him through his sister. “We had gone to a relative’s place for the first time and they had many dogs. Once we got there, the dogs all came around me,”recalls Moses.  His sister noticed how good he was around dogs and suggested that he should start working with them.
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