You can be the next success Story

By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz Intern)


Anything that you are capable of doing revolves around interest and developing the right motive to it.

That interest pushes your desire and you end up working to your advantage and peruse what you have a genuine attraction  in.

Are you passionate and would like to identify business opportunities in life?

This is your moment.

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Harness Your Brilliance season53(Three steps to unleash your potential)

By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz Intern)
Your highest potential is related to helping other people using your God given talents and it has everything to do with listening to your heart.
 The resistance and doubt you feel is the barrier you must overcome.
While there are no guarantees ahead, your eyes will be opened to what you need to do to step into your highest potential.
It takes a bold step to escape the gravity that has been holding you back.It takes a leap of faith
 Your breakthrough is linked to you being willing to help other people get breakthroughs.
What signals and telltale signs have been coming your way lately?
Is there something you have been putting off?
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Successful people are made

By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz intern)

Top Olympic athletes,top leaders,top performing artist and top CEOs are all made.They are coached into greatness.Coaching and mentorship develops patterns of excellence in individuals enabling them to tackle life with more precision,more passion and less effort.

If you are up to something big in your life then you need a coach to walk with you.

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Get Unstuck

By Hellen Orwa PassionBiz intern

 When caught up in challenges and roadblocks,startups tend to let go their talents and ideas unaccomplished.

The situation becomes worse when you feel like fighting it just because you lack someone to hold your hand , give you direction,and a push to reach your destination.There is hope and help for you.

Right mentorship is the game changer you have been looking for,you will create and launch products and services in your life.

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Harness Your Brilliance Season 53



New Mentorship opportunities for a quick take off


You will learn more about the program + how we can work together this year to help you create and launch a signature product or service with multiple streams of income, in 90 days or less.

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By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz intern)

Vision Clarity

IMG-20180518-WA0009.jpgBy Hellen Orwa(PassionBiz intern)

Many trailblazers and business startups have visions about what they want to be and what they want to do but they do not have clarity.

You need to have a clear vision that can also inspire others,need to have a clear and measurable statement of what you want to achieve and become like in few years time.

Are  you struggling to make your vision clear?

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