PassionBiz Alumni (Betty Mwaura)


It feels much honor to see the people you love and value live their dreams.

Betty Mwaura  now  Managing Director at Royale Training and Consulting LTD, Harness  Your Brilliance Alumni and a product of PassionBiz Academy ,has just launched a  new book , “Activate And Monetize Your Potential”

Very ready to impact tho the world in a bigger way and change people’s destiny.Her books are now available at

Congratulations Betty Mwaura.


James Karundu’s New Role

On 13,June,2018, I got a new role in BNI as Launch Director consultant. “My dream is to launch the first and the best platinum chapter in this region.

Platinum chapter =51+members who will be doing business worth hundreds of millions every year through the proven system offered by BNI.

I am currently interviewing serious successful business owners to become founder members.

This is a great opportunity to be a founder member of what will be a vibrant community of successful business owners working together to grow and expand their business.

Suitable candidates who resonate with this dream can get in touch to find out if they meet the qualifications”,James Karundu .

Whatsapp only:0722625329