Today James Karundu facilitated a talk on Facilitate With Confidence at PassionBiz Academy, the two-hour session saw an engaging and interactive meeting with the audience. The meeting consisted of an audience who:

-facilitate or lead meetings, workshops or seminars

– are trainers, consultants, coaches, counsellors, mentors and speakers

– want to be more confident speaking, presenting or facilitating.

“With new sets of trends and opportunities people crave and have the desire to get information and as a facilitator you need to be confident enough, have a tool box that will enable you engage the audience from start to finish, making a unique yet authentic presentation.”

The mentor gave the audience common mistakes that fellow speakers do during a presentation, gave them solutions and helped them each learn new and interactive ways to engage the audience. “Be yourself, have a basic structure and follow it. Spice it up. The real perfection is totality.”

James Karundu gave the audience advice that they should not constrain themselves to perfection, he added that majority of the audience are concerned about the content not judging the speaker, to also save the best for last, ending the two hour session of the talk.



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