By Hellen Orwa (PassionBiz Intern)

Debbi Fields managed to turn her tiny business of selling homage chocolate cookies to a big business with 4000 employees and 390 locations in the United States of America. This happened because she was passionate about what she did.

For success to be achieved, a driving factor must be involved and that is, LOVE. You may be wondering why some people’s businesses as thriving well, the secret is simple, they have developed true love for what they want to do.

Just like it takes months for a baby to be born, success is a process and developing it depends on how the bearer handles it. Vision, creativity and innovation are the best enabling environment for success.

Every achiever becomes the owner of passion. You can not afford to wait for it or wait it to come from another person but that little passion in you need to be developed be cultivated and water it for purposes of survival. The more we generate passion, the more we inspire those who do not have the ability to rise.

Ultimately it is one’s decision to take a step and proclaim a space for turning passion into success.



Today James Karundu facilitated a talk on Facilitate With Confidence at PassionBiz Academy, the two-hour session saw an engaging and interactive meeting with the audience. The meeting consisted of an audience who:

-facilitate or lead meetings, workshops or seminars

– are trainers, consultants, coaches, counsellors, mentors and speakers

– want to be more confident speaking, presenting or facilitating.

“With new sets of trends and opportunities people crave and have the desire to get information and as a facilitator you need to be confident enough, have a tool box that will enable you engage the audience from start to finish, making a unique yet authentic presentation.”

The mentor gave the audience common mistakes that fellow speakers do during a presentation, gave them solutions and helped them each learn new and interactive ways to engage the audience. “Be yourself, have a basic structure and follow it. Spice it up. The real perfection is totality.”

James Karundu gave the audience advice that they should not constrain themselves to perfection, he added that majority of the audience are concerned about the content not judging the speaker, to also save the best for last, ending the two hour session of the talk.



Building your brand is purposely for money generators,people who have the passion to change their lives,its about knowing who you want to be and what you want to do. In every bussines,stuck point can sometimes be experienced,these stuck points have underlined issues,the issues may arise as a result of different factors but the most immediate one is ‘FLYING SOLO’. if you want to be a high achiever do not fly solo but rather have a coach or a mentor,somebody who can help you traverse the journey,somebody who can motivate you,your bussines mentor should also be someone who can caution you. Building your brand requires you to believe in yourself. At some point you feel stuck because fear is holding you back,you are not sure if you going to make it, keep it in mind that When yor start replacing fear with courage,you begin to notice oppoturnities that you never saw.

FEAR LESS TO ACHIEVE MORE.BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE IT.These are the Key issues to put in your mind and must do things: 1. PASSION ACTIVATION PROCESS (PAP) Avoid unnecessary procastination ,make sure your audience make a public commitment and release intentions.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR ZONE OF BRILIANCE: Know what you feel,identify something different you are being called to do,live a lifestyle you design.

3.CREATE A PLATFORM. Your platform is what you are known for and you are identified according to the message you deliver,it is what makes you seen and heard because it is your tool.

4.CREATE A VISISBILITY QUADRANT Creating your viibility quadrant will make you attract the audience for you,identify your area of focus and have your own title. Be visible online through application of social media and make sure you are vissible in the right platform,hold seminars ,create you own forum to win the hearts of your audience.Always remember to sharpen your 5 stars by putting the right image on your platform,be careful how you present yourself ,your image speaks a lot remember a picture speaks a thousand words. Keep your languange and vocabulary to the highest standard. Lastly have your ownership, in this case make sure you have all the legal business documents including your own trade mark.


IMG-20180508-WA0000 -Expect clarity about who you really are and what makes you stand out, you can not afford the luxury of letting yourself to be defined by others. It’s nowadays increasingly easy to start business from scratch to something, but maintaining it to long last is another task that requires passion. Building your brand comes a long with being committed and equipping yourself with knowledge to expand your territory. Do not let your brand limit you.