James during the free talk

Last Thursday, James Karundu hosted a free talk titled ‘Mentor For Profit’ at Kasuku Centre, Kileleshwa.

The founder of PassionBiz Academy aimed for the attendees to learn how to start and launch a successful training or mentoring program that earns the Ksh. 50,000 + monthly even on a part time basis. 

James shared the trends and opportunities in the mentoring market and the clear definition of mentoring. “Mentoring is any structured way of helping someone navigate a terrain and the essential ingredient is structure,”  he said

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Other topics that James covered included who the ideal mentoring client is, the costly mistakes trainers make and the step by step road map to use when starting a training or mentoring program. Some of the mentoring mistakes he mentioned include not having structure, lacking structure and doubting your wisdom.

James highlighted that mentors help people get unstuck by giving their clients a push, support and accountability. “Accountability leads to results and results are what people pay for,” said James.

PassionBiz Academy will have the “Mentor For Profit” course starting this Friday. If you are interested and would like more details, call/text or whatsapp James on 0722625329


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