Lydiah Wairimu attending an event, educating people on wellness.

Lilies are one of the most loved kind of flowers because of their extended season of bloom and graceful stature. It is for this reason that Lydiah Wairimu chose this flower to inspire her business’ name. Lydiah Wairimu Maina is a healthy living mentor and a wellness coach at Lylyies Pearl Ventures. Her passion for promoting healthy lifestyles among people started out in her career as a nurse. She realized that there was a knowledge gap among Kenyans when it came to healthcare and decided to act on filling this gap. “I found out people thought hospital medicine and diagnostic tests made them feel better which is not true,” she recalls. What may have been common knowledge to her as a nurse seemed unknown to many.  She felt the need to help inform the public of ways they can improve their health. These were simple lessons like urging people to increase water intake, exercise, eat a balanced diet and the right portions of food laying emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

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You have many business opportunities around you

When starting up a business or looking for additional sources of income, you are often told to follow your passion. However, not all opportunities are passion driven. Think of it in this way, if you were running late for a job interview and waiting for a matatu, would you decline to enter the next matatu that comes just because it looks a bit old and uncomfortable? It is highly unlikely that you will pass the opportunity to get a vehicle that will get you to your interview on time. You will enter the vehicle despite the fact that you would rather board another vehicle. The same analogy applies to business opportunities. You should not pass the opportunity to start another business because it is something you are not entirely passionate about or love.

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Clothes on a washing line

Did you know that your laundry can make you richer? This does not necessarily involve washing heaps of clothes for a high fee but using these clothes to make you better understand how to harness your brilliance and earn money.  On a sunny day as you wash your clothes and hang them, they are often not all of the same type. You will wash your dresses, sweaters, shirts, trousers and hang them all on the same clothing line. Use this same routine in your real life and you will see great change. Continue reading



Tabitha Mwai, Director – Digital Scroll Media

In this day and age, one cannot ignore the power of social media. Even companies once thought to be traditional in their marketing methods have adopted social media marketing strategies. Tabitha Mwai a director at Digital Scroll Media, earns a living from digital media. She is a writer, blogger, digital media consultant and trainer.

Close to 6 years ago, Tabitha opted to do online freelance work even as she was employed. As practice makes perfect, she sharpened her writing and digital media skills. “I felt that I was able to do more but given that I was employed there is very little I could do,’ she recalls.
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A bar of gold

Gold is a very precious metal. It is a symbol of wealth, success and prestige. Did you know that you also have a ‘goldmine’? You possess a goldmine that can bring you riches beyond your imagination. This goldmine can also bring you happiness, fulfillment. Are you wondering what your goldmine is? The suggestions below can act as a guide in answering this question.
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PassionBiz Academy team members at the Karura Forest, Nairobi picnic site on Tuesday 6th September, 2016

This past Tuesday, PassionBiz Academy team members attended a team outing at Karura Forest in Nairobi. The team will be having these sessions every first Tuesday of the month. Last month’s team outing was a luncheon which you can read about here.
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Stephanie Mwaura -Fitness consultant and wellness Instructor at Wellness Solutions

Stephanie Mwaura oozes confidence and zeal as she speaks about the topic closest to her heart, fitness. She is a fitness consultant and wellness instructor at Wellness Solutions. Wellness Solutions’ main focus is posture. They carry out postural assessment and design a program that helps their client rehabilitate their posture to improve his/her daily life. They also carry out team building by combining fitness and play. Besides working at Wellness Solutions, Stephanie also has her own brand called Fitness by Stephanie. She provides consultancy services, fitness inspirational talks, personal training and fitness writing. She has been in fitness professionally for over 7 years but vividly recalls where it all began.
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