Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more money? Are you guilty of asking for a salary advance in the middle of the month? Being in these situations means that you would love to have an additional source of money. A side hustle can easily get you more money in the bank! Do not be afraid to side hustle now.

You do not need to have numerous free days out of your week in order to start a side hustle. You can start and grow one while working too. Time wasted is never recovered. Instead of spending your free time watching television, you can utilize this time to make yourself richer.
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13494788_201102093618760_3652667822353216224_n.jpgWhen you are afraid of moving out of your comfort zone, you often find yourself making the same amount of money or less every month. This should not always be the case. You can easily make more money on the side without having to leave your job!

When starting up a business, most people fear the uncertainties that come with not having a stable and predictable income. People fear leaving their jobs because they are afraid of failing and having no back up plan. At this free talk, you will learn how to make money from a side hustle even on a part time basis.

James Karundu, Founder and CEO of PassionBiz Academy, understands this topic fully because he too had a side hustle business over a decade ago when still lecturing Mathematics. Today his side hustle from back in the day earns him a lot more money, he is his own boss and has also setup another business.

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Four pillars

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” –Ralph Nader

A leader is expected to make the people in his/her team become better people based on the strategies he encourages them to use. A team’s productivity is increased when people are held accountable for their actions and keep track of their daily performance. At PassionBiz Academy, we use 4 pillars on a daily basis that ensure tasks are not only performed, but performed well. They act as a form of external pressure.
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Get unstuck poster.jpgDo you feel like you are not moving forward in your life? You may feel like you are not where you are supposed to be. If you feel this way, this talk will be just right for you.

Reaching a point in your life where you are confused and wondering what direction to take happens to everybody. It may look tempting to give up and try to walk on another path but this is not always necessary. Learning just what to do at a point of stagnation in your life will set you right into motion.

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5 Strategies for Consistent Cashflow

Cash-Flow-Image-1000x413.jpgImage source

Businesses often struggle to maintain a consistent cash flow. Cash flow simply refers to the money being transferred into and out of a business. In order to avoid getting stress due to inconsistencies in cash flow, these tips shared by James Karundu at his introductory class to Harness Your Brilliance Season 31 will be of great assistance.

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